Looking to earn free books or funds for your school or organization? Check out Usborne Books & More's fundraising options!

Cards for a Cause

Usborne Books & More proudly offers a unique program with value-for-money greeting cards and a high return to the organization raising funds.
Cards for a Cause Fundraisers offer five boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished cards with matching envelopes.
Your group earns up to $13 per box of cards sold, with no maximum earning potential!

Book Fairs

Earn free books for your organization with a book fair. Book fairs can be cash and carry, orders only, or a combination of the two.
No matter which option you choose, your school earns books equivalent to 50% of the total sales, as long as sales total $250 or more (sales = $250, you get $125 in free books).
There's no limit to how much you can earn!
Looking to earn cash from your book fair, instead of books? We can do that, too! Contact me to discuss all your options!

Reach for the Stars!

Help kids establish a reading routine and earn free books while they're at it! Plus, earn free books or funds for your group or organization at the same time!
Reach for the Stars! is a sponsor-based reading incentive program in which participants get pledges for reading. The goal is to have kids read 30 minutes a day for two weeks, establishing a reading routine that can get them on the path to a lifetime of learning. 100% of the pledges they earn are returned to the kids and organization in the form of books and/or funds. Kids can also earn prizes for participating and reaching specific reading and pledge goals.